Wenger Won’t Say, but it’s Bad

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Two particularly low points of Arsenal’s most recent 1-1 draw against Norwich City on Sunday were the injuries suffered by both Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla.


Sanchez appears to have sustained a hamstring injury that will require at least the duration of December to heal.

This is hard news for gunners because Sanchez has been the tip of their attacking spear on more than one occasion. The Chilean striker has nine goals across all competitions for the Gunners as well as five assists.

He also re-signed to be Arsenal’s highest paid player in 2015

Compounding this issue is Wenger not only lost an offensive weapon, but a regular in his deep-lying midfield unit in Santi Cazorla.

Cazorla had a dizzy spell earlier this campaign, but on Sunday he complained of knee issues after the game.

Cazorla has made 20 appearances for Arsenal so far in 2015

Cazorla has changed his position out of necessity to help the club, but with him out, Arsenal are seriously lacking a depth of defensive midfielders.

Wenger has been adamant about being ignorant to the time-tables for return from injury, but rumors are saying Cazorla could miss the upwards of three months.

“We don’t know how long they [Cazorla, Sanchez] will be out for.”

Wenger could’ve prevented this with a more ambitious summer transfer window, and the pressure will be on in January for him to make sure he doesn’t field a squad susceptible to holes from injury.

It’s no secret that some of the faith in Arsenal taking the title has waned. The Gunners took the top spot four weeks ago and have subsequently floundered around the top four since.

They were having trouble with consistency while their stars were healthy, it’s hard to bet on them as the injuries continue to pile up.

Swansea City v Arsenal - Premier League

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