Mourinho Won’t Ask for More Money

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Chelsea have put the rotten cherry on top of the crap sundae that is their 2015 campaign with a loss 1-0 to league newcomers Bournemouth.

Mourinho’s rampant frustration has been a center theme of the Blues 2015.

The match was Bournemouth’s first recorded clean sheet while playing away in the Premier League. Substitute Glen Murray put the only goal up on the board with a header in the 82nd minute.

The former champions have dropped eight in their last fifteen games leaving them in a laughable fourteenth place.

Mourinho made it clear during the post game press conference that the dire straits the club finds themselves in doesn’t change his no-buy stance for the January transfer window.

“I feel that we don’t have the right to ask the club for players,”

“We started this season with this squad and the players have to do better. It is more about the players having to do better than the club going to the market.”

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Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich has been steadfast in his support of Mourinho.

“People must feel responsibilities. The club is the club, and when I say the club, I mean the owner and the board — they are not responsible for the bad moment. The bad moment is my responsibility and the players’ responsibility.”

Mourinho might be looking out for his own sake by not seriously bidding in the January transfer window given the magnitude of Chelsea’s implosion this season it’s unlikely that top talent would rush to put on the colors either way.

Maybe the hard line that Mourniho is driving will have an impact on the players, maybe the debacle will continue.

Either way, the Blues need to train hard this week with number 1 Leicester City looming ahead.

‘We can’t even keep it together for this long.’



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