Rumor Squash: Chelsea Aren’t Picking up Ibra. Stop it.

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Based on absolutely no evidence multiple outlets are reporting that Chelsea Football Club is trying to create an ‘offer he can’t refuse’ type package for everybody’s favorite Swede, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

We’d pay a lot to actually hear Mourinho say, “an offer he can’t refuse”.

The reason we’re making a post to inform the public and shut rumor-mill craziness down is because making a sweetheart deal for a high-price tag striker is the exact opposite of what Mourinho said he would do earlier this week.

Rumors say the London club wants to offer Ibra 300,000 pounds a week or about 15.6 million pounds a year. And while Mourinho did say during their time in AC Milan together that Zlatan was, “for me, the best player in the world, ahead of (Cristiano) Ronaldo”,

Yes, people lost their minds over Mourinho’s claim.

that was almost five years ago and an athlete at thirty isn’t the same as an athlete on the cusp of thirty-five.

Hopefuls speculate that Mourinho could loan out Diego Costa due to their falling out and Costa’s general dislike of everything EPL, but even that  wouldn’t deepen the coffers enough bring on the big Z.

And further, it’d be trading one controversial player for another. Zlatan gets banned just about as much as Costa, and usually for things just as stupid and insignificant as the Spanish International.

Mourinho isn’t going to bring in an ego like Zlatan when the ship is sinking, okay, Zlatan is the type to step over women and children to get a life-boat all to Zlatan’s self.

And even if Chelsea did offer Zlatan a deal he’d  most likely respond,

“Zlatan doesn’t play with losers.”


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  1. Chelsea want Ibra? Funny huh? Moutinho should be looking for plans to avoid relegation rather that chase after players he cant get….you can chesk out my blog at for more soccer news


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