Benzema Banned from French Squad

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The French Football Federation isn’t showing any favoritism to their leading scorer and have decided to ‘suspend him indefinitely’ for his involvement in the Mathieu Valbuena sex-tape scandal.

Noel Le Graet, president of the federation said that the suspension would endure as long as it has to,

“Karim Benzema will not be selected until the situation changes, until there is something new in the case. It is a decision I took as president of the federation.”

Benzema has 27 goals and 81 caps for France in his career

Le Graet was adamant that Benzema’s ban could last all the way through the Euro 2016 which is an extra heap of embarrassment because they’re being held in France,

“If there is no change in March (when the next internationals are held) he will not play, if there is no change for the Euro he will not play.”

Valbuena missed out on France’s last match, and has said that Benzema ‘indirectly’ encouraged him to make contact with the black-mailers.

Valbuena & Benzema have played together for years.

Le Graet has maintained that the only way that Benzema can come back into the squad is if the charges are dropped against him, and him and Valbuena reconcile.

French Football League president Frederic Thiriez had this to say about Benzema and the honor to play for the national team,

“Wearing the blue shirt is not something ordinary.”

“An exemplary attitude must come before even performance, if we want to win over hearts.”

It doesn’t look like Benzema will fulfill those requirements anytime soon.



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