Ozil & Arsenal Finding their Top Form

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Some of the earliest coverage put forward by this blog was about Arsenal’s 2015 projections, and as it turns out the Gunners have not disappointed.

Their week one stumble against West Ham has long been forgotten upon their most recent wave of victories in the EPL.


Arsenal topped the league table this week with a business as usual 2-0 victory over last place Aston Villa. The squad has won seven out of their last ten games only conceding one loss and drawing twice.

Giroud netted his 50th goal for the Gunners

Players throughout the team are beginning to find their form, for example Mesut Ozil netted his 13 assist so far for the Gunners in 2015.

The internet responded accordingly:

Ozil has been seen as shaky, inconsistent, either he shows up in stellar form or he’s seemingly nowhere to be found. For as much positive impact as he could have had, early in 2015 Ozil looked tired just trying to keep pace. But he’s finding himself, not only with results on the field, but his off-field poise as well:

Arsenal may not have long to hold the spot. They face Manchester City in what is certain to be a game of the week between the #1 and #2 team. While Manchester City started the year with unquestionable dominance, they’ve had suspect losses to Liverpool, West Ham, Stoke City, and Tottenham.

With a top 4 only separated by four points and a top three only separated by 1 point there is no room for error for Arsenal this weekend at Ethiad Stadium.



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