Quotable: Lionel Messi on Neymar

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Lionel Messi first met Neymar in 2011 during the Club World Cup final.

The two were cordial then too.

Messi’s Barcelona squad put the screws to Neymar’s Santos with a 4-0 victory, but the time that has past has been good to Neymar.

After transfering to Barcelona, Neymar has solidified his place as one of the top players in the world making the three-man shortlist for Balon d’Or, beating out teammate Luis Suarez.

Suarez used twitter to make it clear he has nothing but love for Messi and Neymar for their achievement saying,

“Congratulations friends! Very proud of you. The truth is I’m glad for both of you.”

Messi is glad to have the young Brazilian striker along in the blue and red stripes,

“Back then he was already a really great player and now he’s even more so – he’s much more complete.;”

“Truthfully, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to have him alongside us now.”

‘You know we’re gonna be best friends right?’

The Barcelona trident has certainly been a showcase in 2015, and here’s hoping that the show continues.

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