Why Mourinho Won’t Lose his Job, for Now.

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Update: The Chelsea boss did in fact lose his job today 12/17/2015, only a day after this article was published. While the humility of calling it wrong is always refreshing, we’re going to leave this post up because the truth is that it still doesn’t seem like a fix for the club. We stand by our argument that Abramovich would have been much better letting the season ride out and buying another yacht, but then again maybe that’s why we’re writing soccer articles and not owning major EPL clubs (or you know we weren’t born millionaires).

As Chelsea dances closer and closer to getting the ax from the Premier League and being booted down to the Championship League the noise surrounding the job security of Jose Mourinho is getting louder and louder.

Mourinho celebrating the championships of 2014
Mourinho with 9 losses in 2015.

The Chelsea boss has endured these rumors throughout 2015, but has the recent string of losses really brought him to the edge of his time with Chelsea? The season immediately following a championship no less?

Midfielder Cesc Fabregas doesn’t center the Blues woes on Mourinho though,

“If you are a big player, and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player,” Fabregas said.

Eden Hazard 2015 goal tally: 0

“I am not saying you can’t have a bad season and bad games but the attitude must be spot on.”

Costa cost 32 million pounds in 2014, but in 2015 he only has 3 goals.

“We must always be at the top of our games, and the behaviour has to be better than what we are seeing right now from every single Chelsea player.”

Cesc’s 2015? 0 goals and only 2 assists in 16 EPL games.

Chelsea certainly have had a dip in form from Cesc, Hazard, Costa, and even figurehead John Terry.

The team captain has had repeated feuds with media chucklehead Robbie Savage about his faltering performance, but the numbers don’t lie.

Terry told Savage he “wouldn’t take it from someone who hasn’t had a career.”

Terry is down across the board making only 53% of his tackles as compared 65% in 2014. Previously Terry was a terror in the air winning over 70% of challenges, but 2015 Terry is down to only 61%.

So is Mourinho really to blame? Don’t forget the Blues lost Thiabut Courtois for a spell too. But the manager hasn’t done anything to help himself either. Between the Eva Carniero scandal, the claims to a campaign against Chelsea, the fines, and the theatrics it’s easy to see how owner Roman Abramovich would consider canning ‘the special one’.

The daily mail reported that Abramovich called for an emergency board meeting with his chairman and directors to discuss the state of the club and Mourinho’s role moving forward.

Mourinho is currently the highest paid manager in the league pulling in an estimated 8m-13m pounds a year. But his contract doesn’t include an buy-out clause which means Abramovich may have to pay 40m pounds just to get rid of Mourinho.

Abramovich would much rather put that money down on another yacht.

This is where his job security comes in because really, what would it be to bring another manager in to lead the club the rest of 2015 other than an expensive and miserable experience for a new manager?

And again, there are yachts to buy!

It isn’t as if Chelsea’s top players are suddenly going to find their form under a totally new system with a brand new coach.

Besides the coach, that could do just that, that could enthuse Chelsea out of this hole, has already signed on with Liverpool.

Talent alone, devoid of any coaching or tactical prowess, should be enough to keep Chelsea from being relegated, and if it doesn’t?

Then they’re a sorry sack of losers, and they deserve it. Mourinho or not.


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