An Unpopular Truth about Soccer Cleats

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This bit of knowledge comes from some of the assumptions made by people about soccer boots based on when they see them worn by superstar players.

Soccer boots do not maintain their out of the box appearance for even thirty minutes.

Remember the glittery CR7 boots that Nike released?


They were outrageously popular; sporting the dynamic fit collar and a boot pattern unlike anything previously. Jokes were tossed about their fairness, so bright in the lights that they might blind defenders.

But there was one problem for these flash foot studs:

They became scuffed while still in the box. Simply transporting these cleats from Vietnam (where Nike cleats are made if you were wondering) was enough to leave them with black scuff marks.

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Nike came out and said that the discoloration was normal, but before even wearing them?

The shoe maker has continued the trend with the bottom of their HyperVenom Silo which includes a tag saying that the graphic pattern on the bottom of the shoe ‘will fade with use’.

The ‘Shatter’ Graphic on the lower soleplate won’t last

We understand that athletes currently subscribe to the ‘look good, feel good, play good’ mantra, but the truth is no matter how great your cleats look out of the box, aesthetically they just aren’t going to hold up.

But why do the pros cleats always look so fresh?

Professional athletes are given a new pair every week.

They don’t try to make one pair last through an entire season, and they have access to whichever styles they want for any type of weather or field conditions.

Even in practice the pros wear new cleats, there isn’t a speck of dirt on those CR7s.

This is because a) the team is paying for it. And b) the shoe giants know that superstars wearing new out of the box cleats in front of thousands of viewers is some of the best advertising you can buy.

I once was asked by an inquiring customer looking to get the best pair of all-around cleats what I thought, “the pros wore most often, between firm-ground, soft-ground, molded or interchangeable studs.”

There is no answer to this. Professionals have options that just aren’t available to recreational players unless those recreational players want to shell out big bucks to have a pair of soft-ground, indoor, turf, and firm-ground cleats. Not to mention different cleats for practice vs. games.

While there are definitely tips and tricks that will help you to extend the life of your cleat (which we’ll be covering in a later post) the truth is that out-of-the-box ‘so fresh, so clean’ feeling is fleeting.

It’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing a pair of cleats:

If you’re going to be using them daily, one bad weather practice and they’ll be unrecognizable after a week.

What’s the fastest you’ve mucked up a pair of cleats? Do you keep yours in pristine condition or are you unfazed about letting your cleats get dirty? Let us know in the comment section, and make sure to like or share this post to spread good footy knowledge!

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