Extend the Life of your Cleats: Recycling

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While we’ve presented advice on disciplined maintenance of your cleats, and the false belief that cleats remain fresh out of the box forever, there are ways to extend the life of your cleats if you have the initial financial means.

What we’re talking about is what we’ve deemed ‘cleat recycling’ which essentially means that when you buy a new pair of cleats you save them for game days and use the old pair for practice.

This author has had multiple pair of taped up practice cleats

If you’ve been living in one pair for every season/weather/practice it may be best to start off by simply buying two pair at the same time and using one pair for practice and one for games.

This increases the initial investment significantly, but you’ll only need a new pair once your practice cleats wear out.

Your game cleats flow down into practice cleats (already broken in!) and you simply pick up a fresh pair of game day cleats.

Puma even advertises their Evospeed leather cleats as ‘game day only’

The beauty of this system is that your practice cleats won’t require the same rigorous disciplined cleaning in comparison to when you only have a single pair. You can tape them up and make them last as long as you need to.

Further, you’re prepared. Is it terrible muddy weather conditions? Save your game-day cleats from the abuse and play in your practice pair.

your face when you realize you should have worn your practice cleats.

You invest heavily in your cleats. You run, fight, yell, shoot, score, and win in your cleats. Follow our advice on cleaning and cleat recycling in order to make sure you’re never unprepared for the pitch.

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‘Boy Howdy I’m glad I left my game cleats at home. Now I just wish I didn’t have mud in my underwear.’

How do you maintain the life of your cleats? Let us know if there is something we missed in the comment section!

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