United Fans Want Who to Take Van Gaal’s Job?

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It’d be hard to believe in any other year than this ‘wonky, upside-down, league champs are facing relegation, Leicester’s on top’ 2015 who United fans are hoping pushing Van Gaal out of his boss position at Old Trafford.

It’d be eye-brow raising, shockingly-muttering, rumor mill talk in any other year, but this is 2015. Everybody’s getting the sack, and everybody’s finding new places to call home.

So who do supporters favor to fill Van Gaals shoddy stink shoes?


Yes, that’s correct. Some of the Red Devil faithful believe ‘The Special One’ is the answer to their title woes.

It isn’t exactly a bullet-proof argument considering Mourinho did plenty to help Chelsea the previous league champs really tank 2015. But you have to enjoy their enthusiasm.



But we think this fan wins the day. The Jose Mourinho mask is doubly unsettling with the goblin hands and shoddily cut-out eyes.

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