Suarez Facing Another Ban for Tunnel Brawl

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Barcelona and Espanyol had a brutal match earlier this week in which two of Espanyol’s players were sent off with red cards and their goalie Pau Lopez’s stamp on Messi went unpunished.

The referees missed this cheeky stamp from the Espanyol keeper.

Video footage shows how deliberate Lopez made his actions, standing all the way up while on top of the Argentinian striker without hesitation.

Messi didn’t take the stamp lightly.

While the physicality of the match wasn’t foreign to Espanyol, the club held Barcelona to a draw over the previous weekend by playing tough on the Catalan side; it was Suarez who couldn’t leave the 4-1 victory on the pitch.

He wasn’t exactly sportsmanlike during the game either, notice how Suarez gets in the face of Pau Lopez after Messi scores an incredible free-kick to end the first half:

A fight broke out in the tunnel after the game, and apparently Suarez was the main instigator. The referee’s report is as follows:

“Whilst all the Espanyol players climbed the stairs in the tunnel towards the dressing rooms, he (Suarez) waited for them and confronted them saying on various occasions: “Here I am waiting for you, come here; you are a waste of space,”

“That provoked a clash between players from both clubs forcing security personnel present and the managerial staff from both teams to intervene.”

If found guilty Suarez could be banned from Copa del Rey competition for 1-3 games making it the fifth ban of his career. He’s received three so far for biting opponents, and one for abusive language aimed at Patrice Evra.

If he is held accountable for the tunnel brawl it will be Suarez’s first infraction since joining Barcelona 18 months ago.



Was Suarez justified in his actions or do you think he should be banned for taking the game off the pitch? Sound-off in the comment section, and let us know what you think!


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