Suarez handed Ban, will Appeal

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Luis Suarez has been suspended for two Copa del Rey matches following his involvement in a tunnel brawl that broke out after Barcelona’s 4-1 victory over rivals Espanyol.

Players getting in one another’s faces was commonplace for the match.

The referee of the match, Juan Martinez Munuera–who had to give out a total of eight yellows and two red cards during the match, wrote this in his report:

“At the end of the game, once in the tunnel, Barça’s No9 Suárez, while the Espanyol players were coming up the stairs, waited for them and shouted at them on various occasions. He said: ‘I’m waiting for you, come here! You’re a waste of space’. It provoked a confrontation between players of both clubs and the security guards had to get involved, as did coaches of both teams.”

Luis Enrique flatly denies any wrongdoing on Barcelona’s part, and takes aim at the referees and security in response to the Uruguayan striker’s suspension:

“It isn’t down to the coaches or the players to keep the peace,”

“When someone oversteps the mark, it’s down to the referees to keep order. Of course there’s tension in these games.”

The game featured hard jostling and jersey grabs galore.
The physical nature of the match left Luis Enrique upset saying this isn’t ‘American football’.

“It’s down to the referees to ensure we play football and not American football. There was some tension. I’d like it if there were more football, fewer interruptions and no injuries.”

Papakouly Diop, who was sent off for his extra-curriculars with the Uruguayan hot-head called out the double-standard of his red card after the match:

“We both insulted each other. He said swear words to me, and me to him, and I get sent off. The referee told me he didn’t hear us both, only me,” Diop told Carrusel Deportivo.

“[The press] have spent all week saying we are violent and this has had its effect. [Barcelona’s players] are really good and if you cannot even touch them, they can do what they want.”

Diop does have a good point, while fouling Messi in order to stop him (as pictured above) isn’t fair, Barcelona, and more specifically Luis Suarez don’t exactly uphold the highest integrity on the pitch either:

One guess where that elbow landed:
Suarez isn’t the one getting the card, but he is the one being restrained…hmm.
Suarez even went after Pau Lopez before it was over.

Diop finished his angry defense of Espanyol’s playing style with,

“You cannot say we were violent. There wasn’t any blood – if we had wanted to, the Barça players would have gone off on stretchers.”

As it is competition resumes next week, with Barcelona hoping to win their appeal and keep the Uruguayan striker in the line-up to complete the deadly offensive trident of Messi, Neymar, and Suarez.




Do you think Suarez will win his appeal? Does Barcelona need him in the Copa del Rey? Is there a campaign against the FCB due to their overwhelming success? Comment on!

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