Adidas Capturing that Messi Magic

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In order to commemorate Lionel Messi’s fifth Ballon d’Or nomination Adidas released an ad compiling his journey through both the yearly ceremony and the pitch.

This isn’t the first of their hype concerning Messi, 2015 saw the launch of the Messi 10: 10 footballers Adidas has documenting their seasons via youtube as they wear the latest Messi cleats.

Here’s the new ad from Adidas:

The first silo of Adidas’ to sponsor a specific player, Messi’s iconic trademark and cleat is reaching the heights of Michael Jordan’s basketball shoes in the NBA.

The comparison isn’t false, considering both athletes seemed to have talents that weren’t teachable, ways of moving and making plays that seem at times other-worldly, despite being in different sports. Did you know that Michael originally wanted to be sponsored by Adidas, but they felt he was ‘too short’?

Adidas has since changed their mind about a height policy considering Jordan has a solid 11 inches over the 5’7 Messi.

Adidas landed a windfall of an endorsement when they bet on Messi, whereas Michael saw a gap in the market and launched a brand of his own off of Nike.

Undeniably, the Argentinian has helped to carry the brand from their black and white inception to the modern age.

The best part is that while Michael’s playing days are (unfortunately) over, Messi still has plenty of pitch left in front of him, with Adidas right beside him to try and capture all that magic.

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