Familiar Foes Van Gaal and Klopp to Meet Again

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This weekend Manchester United are set to travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool. This means that Van Gaal will battle wits and tactics against Jurgen Klopp for the first time in the EPL.

Just like old times, Klopp and Van Gaal before a Bundesliga match-up

The two have quite the established history playing against one another in the Bundesliga. They’ve traded victories and losses evenly while Van Gaal coached Bayern Munich and Klopp coached Dortmund. Van Gaal’s Bayern steamrolled Borussia Dortmund their first two meetings and the last two Klopp was able to return the favor.

Early in the season Van Gaal’s United beat Liverpool 3-1, but that was when the Reds were under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers. Van Gaal is excited to face Jurgen again,

“You can see his hand and that is important. You can see a very aggressive and pressing kind of playing the game.”

“He is very capable to be a manager in the Premier League because he has shown always this kind of football and I think the fans shall love it.”

Jurgen’s had to defend his style of play from a bevy of media pundits (not unlike Van Gaal), but Klopp’s continued to his high-tempo method of attack and play. He is also thrilled to go against Van Gaal this weekend,

“Louis van Gaal is one of the most successful managers in the world. He has won lot of titles, not only in Germany. He has a special idea about football and you have to respect him as an opponent.”

“A game against Man United is a bit like Dortmund v Schalke. You can play the whole season how you want but you have to be prepared, at your best for these games. We both need the points to stay close to the top of table. But it’s Man United. I love derbies. They are the salt in the soup.”

The game kicks off at 9:05 am (EST) Sunday January 17th. Tune in for what promises to be an electrifying match-up and most likely entertaining post-match press conference.


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