Man United Swap ‘Boring’ for ‘Boorish’?

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What does it take to get fired as the manager from an EPL club? Failure to meet expectations? Landing in the relegation pit? Having success, but not enough to continue justifying the relationship?

We could ask Brendan Rodgers…

Speculation has mounted that Manchester United may decide to swap out Louis Van Gaal for Jose Mourinho as early as the summer. The Daily Star reported that Mourinho has had informal talks with Manchester United and has a pursued interest in taking the job at Old Trafford.

The claim goes as far to state that Mourinho believes he will be in charge within the next six months.

But what has Louis Van Gaal done to warrant his early termination?

It’d be easy to cite the eight match winless streak from November to December, but Man. United are 5th in the table with victories in 3 of their last 4 matches. The truth is that Van Gaal has been a magnet for criticism since his style of play has been named ‘boring’.

It’s been a season of fiery press conferences for the Dutchman 

And a ‘boring style’ combined with anything less than league champion success is met with calls for termination from the United faithful who feel their team should hoist every trophy. Would Mourinho be much of an improvement?

Not likely. Chelsea have since recovered  to avoid relegation from the shambles the Special One left the team in , and Mourinho isn’t exactly known for his spectacular play style either. Most consider him to be a ‘take the lead and park the bus’ manager which wouldn’t be a drastic change of pace from Van Gaal.

Really the biggest change would come in the form of on and off field antics, which while Van Gaal isn’t exactly a press conference angel, he doesn’t hold much of a candle to the tyranny Mourinho has behind a microphone.

So could Manchester United swap boring for boorish? They could.

Would it change anything? Probably not.




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