Every Minute Man, Cristiano Ronaldo

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Amid talk that he’s ‘slowing down’ a surprising statistic has emerged: Thirty year-old Cristiano Ronaldo has played every single minute of the season’s first 20 La Liga matches as well as the every minute of Real Madrid’s six Champions League fixtures.

Ronaldo notched his 500th goal for Real Madrid in September of 2015

There are only three other players in La Liga who’ve put in as many minutes as Ronaldo, all of whom are defenders rather than attacking strikers.

Ronaldo hasn’t put time in like this since his 2010/2011 season where the first time he stepped off the pitch early was during the 26th match. Perhaps he’s feeling he has something to prove with his 31st birthday only weeks away, and a failure to capture his fourth Ballon d’Or title in January of 2016.

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It isn’t hard to see why he dominates so much of the playing time for Real Madrid, in 26 games Ronaldo has netted 26 goals for Real Madrid.

Maybe he isn’t slowing down, maybe he’s just warming up.



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