Manchester United Prefer Pep Over Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho believed that’d he be coaching a Premier League giant within the next six months, and his sights were set on Manchester United.

Fans thought that Mourinho would bring the flair and attitude they needed to have exciting games.

Some of the fans jumped the gun on The Special One too.

Pep Guardiola, considerably the best manager in the known universe at the moment, met with Manchester United officials earlier this week at a hotel in Paris.

While Guardiola has not denied the meeting or his affinity for Manchester United, the club has not confirmed the meet.

‘Cue sad parade music!’

There are other places that would love to employ Pep’s services and pay him well.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is ready to forego buying another yacht and tell Guardiola to name his price. Abramovich isn’t kidding either, he made Jose Mourinho the highest paid Premier League manager, and then paid almost 40 million euros just to fire him.

Roman Abramovich does not have time for your Eva Carniero nonsense.

Manchester City could be an even better fit for the Bayern Munich manager given that former personnel from his Barcelona glory days hold authoritative positions within the club.

But Pep’s heart pulls him toward Manchester United. As a manager who has won every trophy at the club level he’s developed a deep complex affinity for the traditional decorated English club rather than the modern blank check powerhouses.

Seen above: Guardiola’s ‘smitten’ face


This leaves Mourinho in the wind to either sign on with City (Chelsea certainly aren’t taking him back) or try to jump leagues, and try to impress PSG since Laurent Blanc’s contract expires at the end of the year.

The problem is that the PSG board of directors has already said, “José Mourinho in terms of a replacement is not the priority, as the PSG board views him to not have an attractive style of football or philosophy that he could impose on the club.”

Mourinho’s only saving grace for PSG would be his good relationship with star striker Ibrahimovic.

So while Pep could go to PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea, even Arsenal if Wenger does really retire, and leave Mourinho to his Old Trafford dreams, he’s going to go to Manchester United– because he wants to.

And Pep gets what he wants.



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