The Death Knoll of Louis Van Gaal

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Louis Van Gaal will in all likelihood not make it to the summer as Manchester United’s manager.

The Dutchman has had a season demoralized and battered by a failure to reach the expectations not only of the club, but of the demanding fan base, and after the team’s 1-0 loss to an inferior Southampton side there really isn’t much for Van Gaal to hold onto at Old Trafford.

The media, has repeatedly called for his ousting, but now it’s more likely than ever with only 15 EPL match-ups left.

Although multiple outlets have reported the fallen Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho as keen to sign on as Van Gaal’s replacement, his agent Jorge Mendes has called the reports ‘totally ridiculous and absurd’.

According to the Mirror,

After he departed Chelsea before Christmas, Blues coach Steve Holland predicted Mourinho would want to soon be back involved in the game at the highest level.’

‘He’s a guy who needs and wants football,’ said Holland. ‘There will be clubs and big clubs who will want him.’

‘And he’s not in my opinion the sort of guy who’s going to spend six, seven, eight months sitting at home doing nothing in particular.’

Manchester United have not made any announcements concerning Van Gaal’s termination or his successor which is surely an important closed-door discussion for the club.

Earlier last week United met with Pep Guardiola who is considered the favorite for the job above everyone else. Faith in Mourinho’s handle on EPL competition is shaky given for how quickly last year’s champions fire-bombed this campaign into the ground.


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