The Dawn of the Genderless Cleat?

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With its latest release of women’s colorways Nike may quietly be putting in place the foundation that will bring a defining change to the way people shop for soccer cleats.

Does the new Magista Obra shown below have any qualities that make it definitively a women’s shoe?


No, in fact most of us here at feel that it’d be an absurdly popular ‘male’ colorway for Nike.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Prior to summer 2015, Nike’s women’s cleats were designed with more narrow heels, toeboxes, and outsoles than their male counterparts. The impression being that women have feet that are more delicately shaped and slender.

Something changed at Nike headquarters last summer though, and while there’s no hard evidence of a meeting or round-table discussion, the designers, engineers, and cleat gurus at Nike went back to the drawing board and decided to make both men’s and women’s cleats to the same measurement specifications, or a universal mold so to speak.

Although Nike hasn’t done any specific marketing to take ownership of this fact, what this means is Nike women’s cleats are an option for men now too.

The only issue would be finding the equivalent women’s size– and guess what? We’ve done just that for you at

Another new colorway that would be just as popular among women as men

Men that like the new women’s colors can find their perfect fit by ordering a women’s size that is a size and a half larger than what they would normally wear (ex. normally order a men’s size 9.5? Go for a women’s size 11) while women will still find the cleats true to their normal size.

It seems that the change in the industry has been coming with hyper pink, urban lilac, and hyper grape being some of the most popular colorways from Nike in 2015.

And while the shoe giant hasn’t made a comment on their new ‘unisex’ cleats, it’s possible they’re waiting to see the reaction from consumers. While women have been playing in men’s cleats for years, it’s much harder to convince males to adopt a ‘female’ cleat (blame machismo in athletic competition).

If enough males begin purchasing the ‘female’ colorways from Nike the company may drop the gender label all together (as other companies have done with a range of products) which would send shock-waves through the industry.

Either way, for the informed soccer player the bottom line is that your options for cleats from Nike just got a whole lot bigger.

Join the forefront of the soccer revolution and go boldly where no other player or cleat has gone before.

All of these ‘unisex’ cleats are available at


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