The ‘Dab’ Invades the Premier League

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Blame Jesse Lingard. Blame Paul Pogba. Blame Cam Newton. Blame America and the Atlanta rap group Migos in general.

But like it or not, the ‘dab’ has made it’s way into the English Premier League thanks to Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard.

Speaking to Manchester United about the dance Lingard said,

“It’s just trending at the moment,” Jesse said. “A lot of people are doing it. I’ve seen Pogba do it and knew I had to do it. At the time, I didn’t think about it but as soon as I scored I thought I might as well do it – it’s just a dance. We’ll have to see if I score again – maybe it will come out again!”

Paul Pogba has been one of the pioneers of bring the dance across the pond, with full endorsements from the Juventus club to continue the dance craze with every goal.

Pogba isn’t shy about how much he loves that dance and has gone on to make it a part of his every day life on or off the pitch.

Cam Newton hasn’t even gone this far.

Lingard isn’t just saving the dance for him and his Manchester United teammates to enjoy though, he wants everyone in on the action, including the mascots!



Who do you think we’ll see ‘dab’ next? What’s your favorite celebration of all time? Post a link in the comments and we’ll see how it compares to the mega-popular dab dance craze!

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