Rosicky, Arsenal Aim for League Title

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Ask Tomas Rosicky what gives Arsenal the edge over other competitors like Tottenham, Leicester City, and Manchester United?

His answer: team spirit.

Rosicky celebrated Arsenal’s latest victory over Bournemouth from the sideline, but the 35 year-old remains confident that the Gunners aim is true when focused on capturing the league title.

Speaking with, the midfielder had this to say:

“The spirit in our dressing room was always right. Whichever new player came into the dressing room always felt welcomed because the spirit was always good.

“It’s very important that, even when you have a rough spell which you will definitely have in a season, you stay positive, don’t panic, analyse everything in the right way and believe you have what it takes to win the league. I do.”

From a team that started the at the bottom of the ranks due to a nightmarish opener against West Ham, to climbing steadily through the ranks, the Gunners have held the top spot in the league for six different weeks.

Their most recent win against Bournemouth snapped four games without a victory, keeping Arsenal within five points of tying league leaders Leicester City, and the title within their sights.

The Gunners travel to Leicester City stomping grounds on Sunday in what is surely going to be the be the Premier League match of the week between the number one and number five seeded teams.

Tomas Rosicky

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