A Bad Omen for Manchester United

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Wayne Rooney’s language in a recent interview with manutd.com speaks to the shaky ground at Old Trafford.

While talking about the weekend’s upcoming matches where the top four teams will all be facing each other as United, currently four point behind league leaders Leicester City, take on Sunderland, the captain had this to say:

“It probably is a must-win game.”

How can something probably be a a must-win, Wayne? I understand that you could call it a shallow omen, writing it off as Wayne simply isn’t very charismatic. It’s true, I imagine it is difficult to be charismatic when you most closely resemble a troll doll that is extremely gifted at soccer:

The reason Wayne’s flub is a problem is because it shows just how lackadaisical Manchester United’s attitude is. They don’t believe that they must win from here on out and push every chance they get. We’re still in the realm of, “Well, we should probably get our act together and play like one of the highest grossing clubs in the Premier League.”

He then threw even more dirt on the weekend’s affair admitting the intimidation of the Red Devils having to travel,

 “They’re fighting for survival and obviously they have a passionate crowd so we know it’s going to be a difficult game for us.”

Sunderland is only one spot up from league laughing stock Aston Villa, and has a ripe opportunity to gain ground out of relegation. Manchester United have already dropped huge games which seemed like sure victories on paper. The Red Devils have handed three points to: Bournemouth, Norwich, Swansea, and Stoke.

It’s no time for “probably must-wins”, and you’d expect Rooney at least to know that.


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