Mourinho Poised to Manage Manchester United

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The news has surfaced that Jose Mourinho, former manager of Chelsea football club, will likely stay in England and coach a high-profile team exactly as he predicted when let go by the Blues.

Parting between Mourinho and Chelsea was swift.

Mourinho struggled through players out of form, controversies with staff, and embarrassing losses before finally being let go by Russian drug-lord looking owner Roman Abramovich.

Not one to have his shine marred, Mourinho made it clear that he was more than willing to take over at Old Trafford for Louis Van Gaal, or even old nemesis Arsene Wenger’s vaulted tenure  position at Arsenal would suit him.

Mourinho was a consistent monkey on Arsenal’s back and didn’t keep his dislike for Wenger a secret.

It was laughable, really, that the Premier League Champion of 2015 would be back on in 2016 with a new club after such a magnificent bottoming out– until Pep Guardiola went and signed on with Manchester City.

That has left Manchester United to settle for The Special One, and by ‘settle’ we mean to say they’re rolling out the red carpet.

Mourinho will reportedly earn 45 million pounds across three seasons if he signs on with United. One point of contention is a rumor that Mourinho would like to appoint his own sporting director, and have more say on summer transfers.

Louis Van Gaal denies any talks between Mourinho and Manchester United at this time.


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