Beckham Favors Mourinho

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David Beckham has come forward in a recent interview with talksport to show support for Jose Mourinho who is still unemployed after being fired as manager of Chelsea football club.

Mourinho, Beckham, and Real Madrid President Perez

Beckham believes that despite Mourinho’s unceremonious exit from Chelsea only a year after winning the league while managing the Blues doesn’t damage the reputation of the Portuguese manager.

“Jose leaving Chelsea, who would have expected that after the season they had last year? It doesn’t make him a bad manager.  He is still one of the best managers and I hope he comes back to the Premier League as soon as possible.”

While some think that Chelsea owner Abramovich may have tired of Mourinho’s antics: the Eva Carniero scandal, the media altercations, the ‘campaign’ against Chelsea, Beckham believes that Mourinho’s indomitable spirit is just the type of thing the Premier League needs,

“The Premier League is the Premier League for the great players we bring in, the great teams, the money, the fans and the great characters that we have as managers. You want to see managers like that in the game. ”

But Mourinho, in a turn of events, is now telling the media that he’s not concerned about when he’ll get back to coaching. During a press conference he revealed that he’s not too worried about his job status until next season.

“The reality is I have no job, and at the moment I’m happy not to have a job…It’s quite a funny career. I am the English champion, and I still have no job.”

“I feel that starting the next season with a new club and project is probably the best thing for me.”

Mourinho seems to be the overwhelming favorite to take over for the struggling Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United. He’s one of the most credentialed managers available to the high-profile club, and  his statements may hint that Van Gaal will be left to ride out this season, pending a catastrophic melt-down in the near future for the Red Devils.




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