Gatorade Comments on Football Culture

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The latest Gatorade commercial to endorse Lionel Messi takes a stand on the issue of ‘flopping’. A practice that has been held against the sport for decades where players are too quick to try and ‘win fouls’ rather continue the play. Flopping is often one of the reasons listed that the U.S. audience doesn’t like the world’s game.

The drink manufacturer’s advice: Don’t Go Down.

Video Description: 

People say Lionel Messi doesn’t talk much.

But Messi lets his game do the talking, and his game is telling us all something pretty profound about football and life. While other players dive and flop, Messi stays up at all costs. He’s reminding us that never quitting and fighting through challenges leads to great things.

And after having become one of the greatest players of all time, he might be on to something.

The ‘don’t go down’ mentality on display

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