Bad News for Benz & Real Madrid

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We’re not sure who is in for a bigger disappointment Karim Benzema or Real Madrid. The news broke on February 29th via Real Madrid’s website that Benzema had suffered a strain to his right bicep femoris muscle, a major muscle that makes up the hamstring.

karim benzema

While the website listed that his diagnosis was recorded at Sanitas la Moraleja University Hospital and that he will continue to be assessed, most are ruling him out for a minimum of three weeks.

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This is hard news for Los Blancos considering Benzema has 19 goals for the club, and has contributed some stellar performances to this year’s campaign including a hat-trick. Reports estimate that Benzema could miss all of his upcoming La Liga matches (Levante, Celta, Vigo, Las Palmas, and Sevilla) as well as the Champions League return match against Roma next week.

The club is hopeful that Benzema will be healed for El Clasico April 2nd, but there is no guarantee that he’ll be fit. Real are currently sitting a devastating nine points adrift of league leaders Barcelona with the squad from Catalonia still having a game left to play.

The news comes after an upsetting loss 1-0 to Atletico Madrid at home site Camp Bernabeu.




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