Pique Doesn’t Dream of City Life

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The Manchester City life that is.

During a recent interview with Periscope Pique revealed that while Pep Guardiola is in fact, the man, he simply couldn’t betray his first club like that.

“My love for Manchester United is too great for me to sign for City, even though Pep is a great coach.”

Guardiola and Pique hamming it up in pre-game

You couldn’t blame Pique for the temptation given that under Guardiola he went on to with Barcelona to win six cups and blossomed into a bonafide superstar defender. Pique made sure to clear the air surrounding rumors of his possible departure from Barcelona– good news Camp Nou faithful, it isn’t happening. At least not right now anyway.

“I’m very happy in Barcelona. United are my second club, but my future is at Barca. I’m very proud to play at Barcelona. I think it’s the best club in the world.”

Barcelona has definitely given the star plenty to smile about

When he thinks about the later stages of his career Pique has some interesting and fairly romantic plans of playing in a Colombian league so that he can be closer to his wife.

“I would like to try a different league when I’ve got a few years to go before retiring. I don’t know if it will be Colombia — I’d like that for [my wife] Shakira, but nobody can predict the future.”

For the record, we’d just like to say that we’d move anywhere that’d make Shakira happy.




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