Leicester City Fans are Causing Earthquakes

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If you needed proof that Leicester City’s place at the top of the premier league is shaking up the world look no further.

Geology students at the local university recently installed sesmic wave detection technology throughout the city. What they found isn’t shocking to anyone that’s been following the meteoric rise of Leicester City.

Richard Hoyle, a first year student, revealed the correlation that was present in the data:

“A few days after we installed the equipment at the school and were analysing data collected, we noticed large peaks on the seismogram during football matches being held in the stadium nearby,”

“A closer look showed us there was a strong correlation between the exact time Leicester scored at home and the occurrence of the large seismic signals.”

“We concluded that our equipment was actually measuring small earthquakes produced by the sudden energy release by the cheering Leicester fans celebrating at the moment a goal was scored.”

The crowd’s reaction to Ulloa’s 89th minute goal to beat Norwich registered 0.3 on the Richter scale. And while this is essentially a pin drop on the Richter scale the Leicester supporters are still vocal enough to register.

Maybe it’s the secret behind their 5 point lead in the Premier League.


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