Gunners Currently Shot to Pieces

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Currently sitting third in the Premier League table Arsenal has more injuries than Leicester City, Tottenham, and Manchester City combined.

Ramsey could be out an upwards of six weeks

The gunners have nine men collectively licking their wounds, while Leicester is only down one man, and Manchester City and Tottenham each have a trio in the physio room.

Wilshere, slow to get up.

Arsenal lost three men: Aaron Ramsey, Per Mertesacker and Gabriel Paulista during their 4-0 rout of Hull City on Tuesday night alone.

Mertesacker looked after by medics and Gabriel Paulista after a head clash

Their focus has become on the players that may be healthy enough to compete at Goodison Park against Everton when Arsenal resume their premier league title race.

Paulista limps off with a hard knock to the hamstring

Wenger expects Mertesacker who needed some basic stitches for a cut above his left eye and Gabriel’s hamstring injury appears to be little more than a knock.

Hopeful, but less likely is a return from center-back Laurent Koscielny, who may be healed at the time of the Everton show-down, but likely won’t be physically fit.

As far as Jack Wilshere, Santi Cazorla, and Petr Cech are concerned, they likely won’t lace up again until early April. Cech is recovering from a calf injury, while Cazorla has been mending a nagging achilles tendon, and Wilshere is recovering from calf and shin pain.

If the gunners are going to take home the title this year it’s going to be with a hodge-podge of their starting 11.


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