Luis Enrique Shows Tact with the Media

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There are many managers that seemingly can’t get out of there own way when it comes to the media. Men who turn can’t keep their cool

Some of the classics include Luis Van Gaal singling out a reporter as ‘fat man’ before ducking out of a Manchester United press conference, and Jose Mourinho’s past assurances that there was a media campaign against himself, the players, and the Chelsea club at every chance he got.

A visual representation of LVG’s 2016 on and off the field

Barcelona’s manager Luis Enrique by contrast is cool hand luke when it comes to the media’s piercing questions. There’s controversy surrounding whether Neymar will play on the Brazilian Olympic squad or in the Copa America, and Enrique played it straight up and down with the press:

“We haven’t met yet, we’ll be meeting shortly,”

“My job is sometimes not to let people know what I think. What we have in common is wanting the best for Neymar.”

‘You wouldn’t ask me to not do my job, would you?’

It’s a phrase that could be hung on the refrigerator of every manager ever. A mantra to live by if you want to survive the hyper cutthroat edges of sport’s writers pens, or even navigate precarious expectations and influences of business.

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When peppered with questions about the treble, and Barcelona‘s commanding lead over La Liga,  Enrique was forthright; pointing out how easily that Bayern Munich could’ve lost their five-point league in Bundesliga :

“You can talk about whatever you want, I talk about getting three points against Getafe. If we get them then we can talk more about winning the treble.”

“We have a good lead on Atletico, but look at Germany – they’ve had a huge lead all season, but Bayern could have dropped to a two-point lead had they lost to Borussia Dortmund.”

And when it came to Barcelona’s unbeaten run and the league:

“We don’t really worry about our unbeaten run. I don’t really care about those things, I just think about playing football and winning games.

“If we get more points than any other team then we will win the league. It’s that simple.”

‘And a good day to you gentleman.’



What are some of the classiest moves or most bone-headed blunders you remember a manager making? Let us know in the comments section

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