You Should Rondo

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Did you know that every Barcelona practice starts with a game of keep away?

Rondo, as it’s called by the Catalan club, is a regular part of every practice to warm the players up and put them in a good mood. Now with an unprecedented 37 wins straight has the club looked to take on a more serious demeanor as they storm the record books?

Above: Lionel Messi gearing up to lead off the Rondo drill.

Not a chance. Not only do they still enjoy a game of Rondo, but the two players designated to get the ball run through a tunnel of cheeky congratulatory slaps once they finally win possession away from their circle of teammates.

This isn’t a new thing at Barcelona, they have been bringing this play mentality to the game for years, evidenced by this 2012 footage of a pre-match round of Rondo:

Barcelona’s commitment as an organization from top to bottom, from La Maisa academy to the first-team Messi, Neymar, Suarez trident to focus on having fun, loving the game, and remembering to play is what sets the club apart from every other in the world.

Soccer in Barcelona is always viewed as a pleasure, a pleasure to play, a pleasure to train, a pleasure to contest with friends, and certainly a pleasure to win.

When the team collectively finds the root of their happiness to be on the soccer pitch, it’s easy to see how in 37 games they haven’t let anyone come between them and what they love.


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