Rooney’s Return Delayed

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Despite missing the last seven games Manchester United physios announced yesterday that captain Wayne Rooney is not recovering as quickly as hoped, and will not be available by the first week of April as originally projected.


The thirty year old striker has been the leader that United has needed both on the field (with 14 goals) and off the field stalwart support of Luis Van Gaal in press confrontations. Without Rooney the squad have relied on the steady leadership of Juan Mata, but the offense has stagnated leaving Manchester United lacking the essential punch needed to put away games.

Mata recieved his first red card last week in nearly 500 matches for Manchester United

Struggling to maintain a spot in the top 4 of EPL alone, it is likely Manchester United will have to do without Rooney for both the FA Cup and Europa League as well. While still slated to play for England in the Euro 2016, it’s possible that the captain will be in recovery for the remainder of the campaign.


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