Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas Sounds Off

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Keylor Navas, Real Madrid‘s goal keeper is keenly aware of how far Madrid must come for any hope of challenging Barcelona for the league. After Real Madrid were able to rescue a victory from Las Palmas, Navas wasn’t looking through any rose colored lenses:

“We’re aware that we didn’t have our best second half. We know that playing like that it will be difficult to win games, we got away with it today put we have to improve a lot more.”

“There were moments when we weren’t concentrating and we gave the other team chances. They’re mistake that we make and the other teams try to create chances from.”

Navas has helped to keep Madrid in games when their offense is struggling.

Despite the fact that Navas has been a major figure in Real’s success Las Palmas almost forced a tie with a late goal that slipped past the keeper. Real’s offense was able to bounce back to go ahead with virtually no time left, but the experienced humbled Navas:

“I never consider myself the best and the only thing I try to do is to do my job, same as my teammates. The important thing is that we won in the end. To be able to win titles we have to be able to play other ways, we can’t do like we did in the second half because it could cost us games.”

Navas went on to praise the work Zidane has done to ensure that Real capitalize on dead ball and set piece moments.

“With Zidane we work on set pieces quite a bit. We’ve got a lot of tall players who’re good in the air and we’re making the most of that. They are details that can win many points and thanks to that we’ve got the victory today.”

Zidane, wasn’t as enthusiastic:



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