Wenger More Dedicated than Ever

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Despite claiming only one victory in their last seven competitions Arsene Wenger has made it a point to not only face the media fire, but address it.

The manager has been open about his plans for retirement at the end of this campaign, but more and more supporters are asserting that it is a must for Wenger’s two decade long tenure to come to an end if the Gunners fail to take home a trophy.

Arsenal lost out on a third FA cup with an embarrassing duff against Watford losing in an abrupt 2-1 defeat.

Wenger in a state of disbelief and frustration during the Watford loss.

Arsene Wenger remains staunch in his dedication to the club,

“If you compare the club with how I arrived and today, we have moved forward without any money from anyone.”

And he’s right, Wenger came in the beginning of October of 1996 and took the double early, winning the FA Cup and the English league in 97-98. But Wenger had an ace in the hole then, he outfitted his team with French stars that were largely unknown in the UK (e.g. Patrick Viera and Nicolas Anelka). This changed when Arsenal clinched the in 98 with 2 games left to play.

A younger Wenger with the silverware

Wenger doesn’t have the advantage of French talent being largely unknown. Soccer and the recruiting for it has become an unbelievable global sport in the age of connectivity. If he did have an in like he used to in ’98, it’d be more likely he would’ve scooped fellow Frenchman Dimitri Payet– whose form this year has made West Ham a constant threat to break into the top of the table.

Wenger contends that his motivation is only growing,

“I’m more motivated than first day I arrived. I feel pressure and responsibility to keep on moving forward.”

“If you’re there a long time you get questioned about your dedication, but my dedication is 100 percent, even more than when I arrived.”

At some point being motivated simply won’t be enough. Motivation is an intangible and wonderful emotion to maintain and thrive upon when winning.

But motivation doesn’t do much to save face if you’re perpetually on the losing end of the very tangible and real competitions for trophies.


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