Goalless Eden Hazard Worth €100m?

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Transfer rumors have surfaced that Real Madrid has agreed to a deal in principle with Chelsea for the purchase of Eden Hazard. This is not entirely surprising on the back end of news that James and Isco are likely on their way out for the club.

James and Isco have developed a strong chemistry over the years.

Further, Eden has shown interest in the Madrid outfit, and is particularly fond of new manager Zinedine Zidane who likewise has nothing but praise for the Belgian striker.

Hazard was a terror of the Premier League last year helping lead Chelsea to a title and earning league player of the year. His 2015/2016 campaign? Hazard has two goals, none during premier league. His slump is almost inexplicable. At first speculators thought that Hazard had burnt-out of Mourinho’s unceasing egomanical tactics, and while the team has played better under Guus Hiddink not much has changed for Hazard.

Hazard has mostly been chasing goals without success in 2016.

On the negotiation side, is Chelsea’s claim that Hazard is worth at least €100 million valid? They have him on contract till 2020, but if their price tag scares away potential transfer deals and Hazard continues to fire-bomb expect the Blues to off load him for less.

Their best bet might be selling him to Madrid while his asking price is still high.


Let us know if you think Hazard should stay or go in the comments section. We’re interested to see what you think the best move would be for Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Hazard himself.

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