Bayern Boss puts Manchester City on Blast

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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the chairman of Bayern Munich FC has taken off the kid gloves concerning transfer rumors of between Bayern Munich and Manchester City. City have been reported to show interest in several of Bayern’s top players, and have already signed Bayern manager Pep Guardiola to take the place of Manuel Pellegrini at the end of this season.

Rummenigge was a winger for Bayern FC during his playing days.

Rummenigge has a feeling that Manchester City have become a bit too comfortable in their expectations of transfers, and he’s decided to let them know it,

“I have been wondering somewhat about statements made by our colleagues from Manchester City, because contracts are contracts and that also applies to Manchester City,”

Rummenigge isn’t bluffing either, Bayern put left-back David Alaba on a lock-down contract until 2021 on March 18th. City were reportedly interested in the defender.

“It shows Bayern Munich are the ones at the wheel. That was our goal. And in the case of David Alaba, it shows that Bayern Munich decides what is going on and not just any English club who can make fancy offers.”

A two-part dig from the boss, reestablishing his own dominance and making it clear that City for all their money, really haven’t done much with it.

The Citizens have fizzled after a strong start.

As invincible as the Manchester City crew looked starting off this season they’ve fallen woefully behind in the title chase, and seem incapable of picking their heads up to march on. Guardiola is facing more of a re-building process than previously imagined, no doubt. Rummenigge is keeping his focus on Bayern’s future,

“I can’t promise anything. Our goal is as always to put together a strong squad. Just like Bayern Munich are doing.”

The message is loud and clear: the only moves Bayern will make in the transfer market are those deemed best for the club. No offer, no matter how absurdly high, is worth the destabilization of the club.

Manchester City will have to throw their money around elsewhere.

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