Chapter II of the CR7 Story is Here: Natural Diamond

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Nike is attempting to simultaneously usher in the latest cleats while telling the story of one of the most talented athletes currently playing the game: Cristiano Ronaldo.

This second chapter, following the release of the Savage Beauty colorway is dubbed the ‘natural diamond’ and is meant to reflect the time that Cristiano Ronaldo spent honing his skills at Sporting Lisbon.

A closer look at the newest colorway from Nike.

Due to his overwhelming success and popularity, the early struggles of the young Cristiano Ronaldo’s life are often overlooked, but his path to international stardom wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always a sure thing.

Ronaldo grew up the youngest child in a poor strict catholic family sharing a room with his older brother and two older sisters. His father was a gardener, and his mother a cook. His second given name ‘Ronaldo’ was taken from Ronald Reagan because his father enjoyed U.S. President’s acting career.

At age 14 Ronaldo was expelled from school following an altercation with a teacher. Ronaldo claims to have been disrespected by the teacher and in response hurled a chair at him. That was when he committed himself to soccer thinking that he could at least play semi-professionally.

1997 Ronaldo took on a three day trial with Sporting CP which lead to his playing at the Academia Sporting, the club’s youth academy. Still, Ronaldo was not in the clear, at age fifteen he was diagnosed with ventrical tachycardia–commonly known as a racing heart.

Serious enough that if left untreated Ronaldo would have to give up his dream of being a professional footballer. He underwent an operation that utilized a laser to cauterize the affected artery and resumed training only a few days later.

He went on to be the first player to play for the club’s under-16, under-17, under-18 teams, then the b team, and finally the first team all within one season. His manager, Laszlo Boloni, was impressed with his dribbling ability, and it isn’t hard to see why:

His professional debut was punctuated with two goals at the young age of 17. He’d go on to play against Manchester United and impress Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson thought Ronaldo was one of the most exciting young players he’d ever seen, and made Ronaldo the first Portuguese player signed by the club.

The newest colorway, Natural Diamond, is meant to embody this period of Cristiano Ronaldo’s life. The rough textured black heel transitions into a shining blue toe box with a brilliant silver swoosh.

Diamonds in the rough are meant to be uncovered. Nobody said it’d be easy, and there are no guarantees, but the time spent honing your skills is what separates the good from the great. Embrace the grind and earn your shine with the newest colorway, available now at


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