Barcelona Prepping an Offer for Ozil

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If the speculation that Mesut Ozil wants to play in Spain again are true, Barcelona unsurprisingly are the first in line with an offer for the German assist machine.

Could you imagine a partnership between Ozil and the trident?


Ozil wanting to play in Spain is only the most minor of hurdles though. See Real Madrid, in their uber-scheming Real Madrid way have tied a number of clauses restricting the future transfer of Ozil.

It took Arsenal quite awhile to lure Ozil away from Real Madrid

Not only did his contract come at a record £42 million price tag for Arsenal, but Real Madrid still have first refusal rights for the star. If Arsenal accept a transfer offer for Ozil, Real Madrid has 48 hours to match that offer and take the star back.

If Real choose to let the player transfer Los Blancos are entitled to 33% of the fee if Ozil is sold for more than €50m.

Barcelona, not to be outdone by their sneaky Madrid rivals plan to offer a lucrative package of stars rather than outright money to minimize Real Madrid’s ability to counter offer or take a cut of the proceeds after the fact.

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Some of the possible candidates listed for the transfer package: Arda Turan, Sandro Ramirez, and Munir. All younger talent that has shown promise and potential for Barcelona, including Munir who played during Messi’s injury.

Barcelona can also try to wait out Real Madrid’s pending transfer embargo. The club is in trouble for failing to follow transfer laws and could lose the ability to transfer players for an entire season if found guilty. The club has appealed, pushing back the starting date of their possible sentence though.

If these speculations come to fruition expect a lot out highlight reels coming out of Camp Nou in the future.

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