Suarez Feels at Home in Barcelona

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Luis Suarez reveals in his latest interview with  German broadcast TV Helden that he sees Spain as a second home to his native Uruguay. The 29 year old wasn’t so sure when he first signed on to the club from Liverpool in 2014.

What would happen if the €80m move didn’t work?

“Even I did not believe I had the quality to play for Barça. One must adapt to a short-passing game where as I was used to a more direct game.”

Suarez didn’t come quietly, his time at Camp Nou was postponed due to his biting incident with Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup. He wasn’t allowed any football related activity or even to enter the stadium grounds until October 26th.

Suarez wasted no time making his presence felt providing an assist to Neymar in his first three minutes.

“Having adapted to the team makes me very happy.”

Suarez has done more than adapt, he currently has 43 goals across all competitions for Barcelona. When asked whether having the hot shot has challenges:

“It doesn’t matter who sores the goal, but rather that the team does well. We are all happy, there is no envy between Neymar Jr and Messi, everything natural. This creates a good atmosphere in the team.”

Atmosphere is something that Barcelona handles not only well, but differently than any other team. Their warm-ups always included a game of ‘Rondo’, and players aren’t expected for team meetings on game day.

“People are surprised that we do not gather before a match. When we play away, we travel the same morning. We are at home with our families and we wake up. When we play at home, we go to the stadium only half an hour earlier.”

The trident show strong signs of friendship on and off the pitch.

On top of Barcelona’s record-breaking win streak, Suarez says he’s found the city of Barcelona to be everything that he and his wife had hoped for.

“I love Barcelona because I have a special feeling for it ever since I started (my relationship) with Sofia. She came to live here and I came to see it. We are very happy to be here. We know the whole city. The city is amazing, the people are very respectful and so we would love to stay and live here.”

For a talent that has had his fair share of ups and downs it seems that Suarez may have found the club he sees his career out on.

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