High Hopes for Ramos in Clasico

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Real Madrid completed their third training this week in anticipation of their weekend match-up against rivals Barcelona in El Clasico. One major question-mark for the upcoming competition is whether Sergio Ramos would be healthy or not.

Photographs from Real Madrid’s training session show that the defender did complete training at full intensity which makes it more reassuring that he won’t miss this game.

Ramos moves to stop Bale in training

The training session for the Whites under new leader Zidane involved all of the following:

“Warm-up out on the training pitch and various possession and pressure drills. After this, the Whites carried out a running and shots drill, before rounding the session off with some tactical work.”

Ramos moving with possesion

Ramos had left Spain’s game against Italy complaining of a back injury, but his full participation in training makes it likely that he will step out to the pitch Saturday in Catalonia.

Noticeably absent from the training session photos is the poster-boy for all things Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo. Reports say that he was given the day off, along with other stand-outs Kroos, and Pepe by Zidane. Perhaps Ronaldo needs the extra time to prepare mentally. Real Madrid haven’t won at Camp Nou since 2012, and CR7 is known to have a bit of monkey on his back when it comes to the topic of Messi.

Benzema, despite French National team controversies that have unfolded off the pitch this campaign, has emerged as one of the most consistent goal-earners on the squad. He was seen getting his touches in during training.

Benzema makes 21 goals in 20 games look like no sweat.

Real Madrid will have to bring their best and then some to upend the boys at Barcelona who not only have the trident, but the motivation to earn a victory in remembrance of team legend Johan Cryuff.


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