The Pit: Most Likely to be Relegated in 2016

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Yes, the harsh reality of the Premier League is that for every Leicester City Cinderella story there are at least three team’s that face the ax from England’s top tier of competition. So who should we be prepared to say goodbye to, well it’s not all together surprising but…

Aston Villa

Three. That’s the number of victories Aston Villa has managed to pull off in the 2015/2016 campaign. Out of 33 matches Villa has only gone on to win 3 of them, or a whopping 9% of all competitions. They’ve already off-loaded two-win Frenchman manager Remi Garde though the club claims the departure was through ‘mutual consent’:

‘Do you want to leave?’ ‘I absolutely do.’

The club has notched half as many wins (see: 1) under the new temporary manager Eric Black, but have since slumped into an eight-game losing streak. Just stay down there and languish Villa. It’s possible that another team can step on your head to boost themselves out of the pit, and at this point it’d probably be the high-note for the season.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United have some notable victories under their belts: the now #2 Spurs, Liverpool, and West Ham all came up short against the Magpies. The fact is that they haven’t been able to string together consistent victories all season, only once have they won back-to-back, making it seem all the more a fluke. With eight games left to play and not a single victory in their last seven, it may be time for Newcastle to rebuild in a lower league.

Actually 6 wins in 32 games says they’re still pretty weak, United or not.

Sunderland/Norwich City: The Fight to Stay Alive

Sunderland currently holds the eighteenth place in the league, but they could change positions with number 17 Norwich City. Both teams are within two points of each other and they meet this weekend. If Sunderland beats Norwich and goes onto a roll they may be able to claw themselves out of the pit. If Norwich can maintain, pick up a few crucial victories and draws, they will keep Newcastle United in their place.

Expect a hard fight from both teams this weekend

The Wild-Card: Crystal Palace

Is it likely that Crystal Palace tank out in their last seven games to surrender a 10 point lead and be banished to the abyss? No. It isn’t likely, but then again, they were in the top ten for over 20 matches in this campaign. They just broke a 12 game streak of losses and draws, but if their form returns straight back to the gutter they may just save Sunderland and Norwich.

Adebayor is displeased.

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