Storelli: Brooklyn Based & Battle Ready

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A new fighter is emerging in the field of protective athletic gear.


Storelli sports has been perfecting their line of injury-reducing soccer gear in the warehouse and alleyways of historic scrappy Brooklyn for years. The dark horse of the industry is quickly putting powerhouse manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Puma on notice.

Goalkeepers are turning to Storelli’s bodyshield technology to protect them on diving saves.

Their goal? Simple, eliminate fear from the athletic equation so that players of all ages and skill levels are free to hunt for competitive perfection. The hesitation that can play upon an athlete after a severe injury can ruin their abilities forever.

Storelli was started by athletes that know how much #injuriessuck, that’s why they set out to change it. Their statistics don’t lie when it comes to injuries in the beautiful game:


As a fellow independent retailer, we’re happy to partner with the Brooklyn bruisers so make sure you pick up all your protective gear needs at

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