Nike Sparks up the Copa America

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With all the best intentions of capturing the world’s eye during the Copa America tournament Nike has announced the arrival of its ‘Spark Brilliance’ pack, featuring some new styles and eye-catching uppers to make sure that your cleats look as good as your goals.

So what’s Nike offering to us? Just some of the freshest colorways for the most popular of their cleat styles: Superfly, Vapor, Hypervenom Phantom II, Tiempo, and Magista.

The New Superfly V’s aren’t here to play around.

The Superfly V’s are the poster-child for the new back sporting a flashy red and black contrast that dissolves into black much like the chapter II CR7 Superflys. Featuring a ‘ribbed’ upper that is meant to hug your foot even more naturally than before and a sole plate that goes from being flat to contoured to the shape of your foot.

But the other major surprise? Nike’s doubling-down of the Hypervenom silo. Nike, in the rarest of Nike moves, because as we’ve discussed–Nike doesn’t do ‘do overs’ is bringing back the dimpled upper that brought the Hypervenom to prominence.

Some will rejoice at the ‘new’ old skin, some will see it as a last ditch effort.

So why would Nike do it? The brand that’s known for adding new technology, new materials, new styles to every new release? The Hypervenom has lost much of its steam in the consumer eye, and this seems to be Nike’s way of learning that if something isn’t broken (dimpled uppers are where it’s at, and looking like where it’s headed for other styles too) don’t fix it.

As for the Tiempos, Magistas, and Vapors? They’re all getting a killer face-lift:

We’ll have up-close photos and more news for you as soon as we get our hands on a few pairs!

Until then, fall further down the spark brilliance with this awesome Ronaldo promo from Nike themselves.

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