Joe Ledley is Battle Ready with Storelli!

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Have you heard of Joseph Christian Ledley, ‘Joe’ Ledley for short? He’s a hero in his hometown of Cardiff for being one of the few local boys to achieve international status as a footballer. His high school photo which still adorns the halls is not so heroic.

No, seriously, his highschool still has his old photo up.

Ledley played his way through Cardiff City, making the first-team at age 17. He’d go on to star for the club and make over 200 appearances before signing on with Celtic. Flash forward to 2016 and Ledley has been captain for Wales over 50 times and finds himself playing mid-field in the English Premier League for Crystal Palace.

But it hasn’t come easy. Joe’s played with a handful of injuries: from scoring with a dislocated thumb, to needing hip surgery, Ledley has become all too familiar with the saga of rest, recovery, rehabilitation that comes with visits to the physio’s table.

Five weeks after Joe broke his fibula (yikes!) his trainer Sean Connelly reached out to Storelli for a custom solution to protect Joe as he tries to make an impact for Wales in the Euro cup tournament.

The Brooklyn Boys got busy doing what they do best: making gear that protects you when you need it most. Head of Design, Tom Marchesi whipped up a custom version of the Bodyshield Leg Sleeve to Joe’s specifications and shipped it overseas to the midfielder.

He seems to have taken to them quite nicely:

Loving the leg sleeves Joe, and it goes without saying the beard exudes awesomeness. has your Storelli gear covered from head to toe.

Pick up your very own secret weapon against injury so that you spend less time on the sidelines and more time putting points on the board.

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