Video: Messi’s Beard is King of Copa America

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It’s undeniable, one of the biggest surprises of the Copa America is the absolutely grizzly beard that Messi has brought to the Copa America.

Do a bit of lumber-jack work in the off season Leo?

It’s hard to believe that the world’s greatest, who is a perpetual baby face, can also hold the title of undisputed best beard on the pitch. He didn’t win the title just for the cosmetics, the Argentinian has made some unstoppable plays while channeling his inner Grizzly Adams.

First was his assist within the first five minutes vs. the USA in their Copa America match:

A feat of foot and chin hair magic so great that even US coach Klinsmann was clapping for the rugged Argentinian. Messi made sure to bend down and tighten up his signature shoes before his next gift to the US Men’s national side:


And then he hit them with this:

Messi would help continue the onslaught that saw the game end 4-0 in favor of the Argentinians, who have now have the highest goal total in Copa America competition.

And the best beards to boot.

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