Video: Ronaldo Was Definitely Ready

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Cristiano Ronaldo is making headlines for the way he treated a member of the Portuguese associated press. As the team as a unit headed out to the practice complex Ronaldo was approached by Diogo Torres of CMTV and asked about how prepared he was for the upcoming match-up:

Not one for the small talk, what makes the encounter even better is that Ronaldo doesn’t initially break the grip of the reporter, but the second that Torres lets go Ronaldo chucks the microphone into a nearby lake.

Interestingly enough Diogo Torres will actually have to fly back with Ronaldo and team which is sure to be awkward, and he had this to say,

“I’m not sure why he did it. I think it was a momentary thing. I think he would not have done it if he had thought about it.”

“We are a TV channel of a major newspaper in Portugal. We produce a lot of news about him. Some of it he doesn’t like. Perhaps that’s why he did it. But it wasn’t a personal thing.”

Torres better be careful, if Ronaldo decides it’s personal he might be the one thrown into the water next.


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