Coach’s Guide: Select the Best Ball Pack for your Squad

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Managing a squad at any age level from eight year-olds to high-school kids or even college age players is a time-consuming, stressful, and ultimately rewarding endeavor. Between practice schedules, fitness sessions, coordinating travel times, and watching each player progress, coaching is a full-time job that keeps your mind turning long after you’re off the pitch.

We wanted to pitch in and help lay-out the best ball packs based on the level of play and intended use for coaches so they can spend more time on the elements of the game they love and less time figuring out what best suits their needs.

Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Glider Soccer Ball 20 pack (White/Shock Blue/Black):


The newest 2016 Nativo Glider is the ideal pack for your youth squad practices (age 8-12). Twenty high quality Adidas balls at a steeply discounted quantity price of just $11 per ball. Machine stitched quality and a durable PU casing for a soft touch that will last practice after practice.

They aren’t the flashiest, but when you’re dealing with young athletes the most important thing is having them spend more and more time with the ball at their feet. The Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Glider Soccer ball pack supplies you with 20 quality balls to help young talent develop their skills.

Consider that practice balls can be raffled off at the end of the year to put up a fundraiser for a fresh pack, or sold to players who may struggle to afford a new ball of their own.


Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Top Training Soccer Ball 12 Pack


The Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Top Training Soccer Ball 12 Pack is a graduated step up from the 2016 glider. A day in and day out choice for middle schools around the country Adidas gives the Nativo a seamless high-quality TPU casing that lowers water-absorption and grants the ball a truer flight path.

We recommend these Adidas MLS 2016 Nativo Top Training Soccer Ball 12 pack for athletic teams between 12-15 years old. They’ll last longer through the stronger kicks and provide consistent touch and flight for developing strikers.


Nike Club Team Soccer Ball 20 Pack (White/Total Orange/Black/Volt)

The Nike Club Team 16 soccer ball features some of the brand’s most fundamental soccer ball technology in one total orange package. Designed for durability and consistency, these Nike Club Team soccer balls are machine stitched with a puncture resistant grained PU casing.

Great for the High School Varsity soccer team or travel club team, the Nike Club Team balls have a higher upfront cost ($21.25/ea in this package) but they provide consistent bounce and air retention to develop the touch of advancing high-school players.

If the total orange isn’t your flavor, there is a white and black Nike Club Team ball pack available.


Nike Premier Team Soccer Ball 12 Pack


The Nike Premier Team Soccer Ball is a bit of a maverick. It’s one of the few ‘training’ balls that can truly pull a double duty and be used as both a practice and game ball. It’s one of the best matches of price and function–giving you high-quality soccer balls for practice and a reserve of game balls should you need one in a tight situation.

We recommend these for serious high-school and college-age programs as they are a bit pricier, and only come in 12 pack ($24.49/ea) rather than 20 . Hand-stitched PU casing and internal six wing latex bladder allows for solid air retention and strong rebounds even after repeated use. Geo-balancing technology gives the ball a truer and more accurate flight through the air.

Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Competition Soccer Ball 6 Pack


When you’re looking for the difference in a match ball to a game ball, you’re looking at the differences in materials and manufacturing. The Adidas MLS 2016 NFHS Nativo Competition Soccer Ball is thermally bonded together for a seamless surface giving you truer flight on your crosses and shots.

The deep stitching and seamless surface also cut down on water in-take as a whole, making this a game day favorite even if the weather is unfavorable. As a six pack these balls run at just $35.99/ea, guaranteed to have you ready for game day.

Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball 10 Pack


Select Numero 10 balls represent some of the highest quality soccer balls available on the market. Every Select Numero 10 ball meets not only NFHS standards, but International Match quality standards as well (IMS). These balls can be put through the wringer in practice or saved for game day. Each ball is crafted to last for hundreds of hours of playing time. Hand-sewn leather makes for a soft touch while a latex internal bladder maintains an optimal bounce and air retention.

Select Numero 10 soccer balls come with a manufacturer’s two-year warranty as well!



If any of your questions weren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-814-4916 so that we can help find the best ball pack for you and your squad.




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