Talking Points: Mourinho’s Tough at Old Trafford

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As to be expected, Jose Mourinho has decided that he isn’t going to come into his time at Old Trafford shying away from…well, anything. The Portuguese boss took to his first press conference and put just about every team in the league on notice.

Here are some of the most definitive jabs from ‘The Special One’ during his first talk with the media as Manchester United’s new boss.

Arsene Wenger

Apparently the old blood feud between the two managers isn’t settled, at least not for Mourinho, who cast his usual plethora of criticisms in the direction of the French man.

The two exchange words more often than not.

From Sky Sports, ‘there was more than one allusion to the so-called “specialist in failure” here. Asked about his Chelsea problems, Mourinho pointed out that some managers have gone 10 years without a title.’

It doesn’t look like the feud’s going to cool down this season if this is how Mourinho is talking in the summer, but Wenger may not be the only one to come under fire.

Pep Guardiola

Maybe it’s mind games, maybe it’s his version of ‘welcome to the league’, but Mourinho dropped a dig at those managers that ‘hide behind philosophies’, which could’ve been his normal target, Wenger, but looks like it was more his old foe Guardiola.

The two have not traditionally played well with one another.

Guardiola is coming in to his own new reign in the EPLĀ under a team that once again finished below its hopes, so it’s possible that Mourinho is reacting to the similarities of their new appointment.

Louis Van Gaal

As if the Dutchman didn’t get enough from the media while at Old Trafford, Mourinho mentioned that it’s much easier to play younger talent when there are injuries and the team ‘isn’t competing for the title’.

Mourinho was actually assistant manager to Van Gaal at Barcelona

Though the two have been without animosity throughout the years, Mourinho re-stated many of the short-comings of Van Gaal’s tenure in answer to what he plans on improving with his time at Old Trafford.

The Entire League, Including Champions Leicester City

When asked about his goal for the upcoming season,

‘I prefer to be more aggressive and to be more aggressive is to say we want to win.’

‘I want everything,’ he added. ‘For so many years success was just a routine for Manchester United. In this moment, the last three years were three years to forget. I don’t want the players to start the season by thinking we have to do better. To do better is to finish fourth, but to finish fourth is not the aim.’

He then went on to pronounce the name of the previous year’s historic league champs wrong three times.


With a wink and ‘how about them apples?’

To say that ‘it’s on’ for the Special One would be an understatement.


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