Exclusive First-Look: The Science Behind the New Magistas

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Nike has put one of their most popular silos, the Magista, through the technical tests to collect data and try to make the Magista an even better cleat for athletes around the world. The newest Obras are going to look a shade different than their predecessors, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Here are some of the changes you can expect:

The Dynamic Fit Collar

One of Nike’s biggest innovations in recent years, the Dynamic fit collar is getting an update for the first time since it’s introduction. Traditionally the collar has been one even cuff around the top part of the ankle. Nike has now altered the collar into a ‘V’ cuff so that there is less resistance against your natural range of motion without any sacrifice of your support.

The new ‘V’ Dynamic Fit Collar keeps the protection where you need it, not where you don’t.


The Dimpled Upper

Made famous in the first edition of the Hypervenom cleats, the dimpled upper is back by popular demand. Retextured, Nike has found that the dimples actually help your foot to receive and react to the touch of the ball faster, essentially elevating the sensory feedback between your foot and the ball while providing all conditions control grip.

The cushion of the dimples provides you with more steady control of the ball.
Here the distribution of force from the ball meeting your foot in the new Obras is illustrated
You can see that the dimple texture is strategically placed in the most prominent areas of ball contact.
Up close the definition of each textured dimple really stands out.


The Sole Plate

Often overlooked when talking about technical enhancements, the soleplate for the Magista Obras has received an ambitious update. Nike has cut all the conical studs in half for an emphasis in sharp rotational traction. Even with the new design features, including rotational blades for turf, the soleplate comes in at 30% lighter than its predecessor.

The Toe-Split is one of the only design features that remains from the original sole plate.
Pictured above: the half studs and rotational traction studs

The Colorway

Possibly the most unique colorway released this summer, the new Magista’s theme comes from the extensive scientific testing that made this new boot possible.

The boots are styled with a ‘heat map’ colorway, the reddest parts representing the areas the ball is most likely to strike on your passes, crosses, and strikes. A fitting tribute to the engineering that went into this  One thing is for sure, you’ll never doubt the locations of your ‘sweet spot’ in these new cleats.

We can’t help but think of thermal ‘predator’ vision as well.

The new Magista Obra II’s are available at www.soccercorner.com starting July 28th, but with all the new advancements don’t expect them to last long!

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