Ronaldo Agrees to PSG ‘Verbally’

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The news has broken that Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has a verbal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain that hinges on whether he leaves Real Madrid this summer or not.

The news was broken by Ronaldo’s trusted agent and borderline father figure Jorge Mendes. Mendes is likely looking to keep the value of his top superstar high and cash another historic transfer deal for the Real Madrid figurehead.

Ronaldo and Mendes have nothing but praise for one another.

It has long been speculated that if Ronaldo would make a move it would be to the French outfit, as he has already found success in both the Premier League and La Liga. The fit does make sense as PSG saw tremendous success with an offense designed around one central (egotistical) striker before as well who they have now off-loaded to Manchester United.

Not to undercut Ligue 1 competition by any means, but it would be a change of pace more suitable to Ronaldo who is rapidly approaching the latter stages of his career. While he still puts the ball in the net, his ability to create space with his first step and speed has undeniably declined.

Real Madrid die-hards envision Ronaldo extending his Real Madrid contract from 2018 to 2020 before finding another club, but that leaves him to transfer at 35 years old, ensuring that no matter where else he goes it won’t be for a record sum or likely even multiple years.

Don’t expect any big news until Champions League is over though, with Real Madrid in the final the entire CR7 camp is going to keep the focus on the now and off of the future, wherever it may be.

Do you think Ronaldo would find success at PSG? Could you see him playing for another team? Let us know in the comment section!

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